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Poem and photograph by Claire Wastell

Poem and photograph by Claire Wastell

I step into another world

Of chaotic disarranged streets

Where no house is the same

Made up of mismatched scraps

That create a rainbow of disorder

And despite the dirt and mud

The colours blend into something beautiful

I suffocate in the maze of small laneways

The smell of human life absorbs within me

So overwhelming it is hard to breathe

And I feel like an alien

Such chaos have immense order

I know I don’t belong here

I should be disgusted, I should feel pity

In a world where privacy is a myth

And clean water a blessing

But I see you smile and I smile back

Who says I have it better?

Who gets to choose, who gets what?

Who makes the world so vastly different?

Did we create this?

Make a world so black and white

That we forget to see the colours

Because that what makes me smile

And at the end of the day, that’s all that matters

Claire Wastell

Claire is 18 years old and is from Melbourne, Australia.  Her favourite colour is the blue of the ocean, she loves the smell of hot chips in winter, and she tells all her friends they are amazing no matter what.

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