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Writing by Arit Emmanuela // photograph by Lais Azevedo

Writing by Arit Emmanuela // photograph by Lais Azevedo

When the pain comes you will feel the cold

gnawing at your skin like tiny parasites trying to become with you. Your soul will feel like the weight of 1000 bricks and you’ll wonder if you can ever be warm again. You will hold yourself tighter or let go completely, depending on the weather. You will either be hail or summer storm.

You will change your hair.

Change your voice.

Change your clothes.

Change your name.

Try to put yourself out like a fire.

But everything you touch births you ten times more.

You will become the same exact person

Every time.

-It does not erase you


Arit Emmanuela

Arit Emmanuela is a Nigerian-American storyteller who places the idea of self as the main character in both her written and visual work. Her work has been published and exhibited internationally in forms of writing, sculpture, film, video and graphic art. She is currently on a journey of self-spreading, studying, traveling and creating in whatever spaces she is guided to.  She has recently published her first poetry collection titled “You will be back”.

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Lais Azevedo

Lais Azevedo is a 24 year old Brazilian, addicted to coffee, sunny days, and photography.
You can follow Lais on Instagram: @laazevedo, check out her Facebook and her Website!

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