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Writing by Ruby Jones //¬†Illustration by Freya Bennett // Ruby is back with a playlist for those nesting days, days when you make your space yours, whether it’s cleaning, unplugging, dancing, lounging or embracing the stillness.

Dear readers,

I feel like it’s important to unplug and disconnect from time to time, especially when the world can feel like an overwhelming place. This isn’t so much checking out but taking the time to recharge so that you can rejoin the fight a rested human. Here is a collection of songs for when you need to take the space to be small, quiet and still. I certainly have needed that myself this month!

With love, Ruby


Ruby Jones

Ruby Jones is a feminist, musician and writer from Melbourne. She has toured the world as a vocalist and as a result probably owns a souvenir coffee mug from your hometown. When she’s not making mixtapes she can be found singing and playing tambourine in her band, volunteering at Girls Rock Melbourne or re-watching Twin Peaks. Find her over at @rubyjonesband. [Photo credit Lilli Waters]

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