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Writing by Cassandra Bristow // Photograph by Olivia Dileo

Writing by Cassandra Bristow // Photograph by Olivia Dileo

saltwater caresses dance

around drowning sentiments

is that sound a seagull or a siren?


(asking under the guise that both do not want me dead)


sunshine on my skin feels like

a last breath of innocence

or maybe i’m just no longer

so unaware of what is finite

despite this i will keep

my hazy visions a secret

throw away the lock and key

sinking to the bottom of the sea

it helps to make my heartache duller

someday you’ll feel it too.

Cassandra Bristow

Cassandra Bristow is an eighteen-year-old writer from Baltimore, Maryland currently attending Pratt Institute in Brooklyn for an MFA in Writing. She loves to analyze Robert Frost poetry and read biographies about women in her spare time. Her Instagram is @mycupidshuffle which she uses as a photo diary of her college experiences.

Olivia Dileo

Olivia Dileo is 17 and lives near Rome, Italy. She recently started to be fascinated by photography; she loves the fact that sentiments are stuck inside photographs. Check out her work here.

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