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Poem by Meg Prasad // photograph by Nilay Eren

Poem by Meg Prasad // photograph by Nilay Eren

I am a tangle of limbs

feet small to fit my palm

my skin and brown eyes split into three

sticky hands warm and resting on jaw

who am I

I am a tide of safety

a soft place for heavy mouths to seek refuge

the blunt side of the knife still slicing

and digging out the dark bits

who am I

I am a searcher and a finder

bobbing and weaving words into their seats

seeking song in the lonely parts

discovering motion

who am I

I am the sea

all being things weaved in my hair

rocking and jutting and clutching

a deity, a mass, a greenhouse

I am

Meg Prasad

Meg Prasad is a musician, painter and writer from the Kapiti Coast. She lives with her partner and two children in a small cosy flat by the beach. She plays and sings folk music, and is starting out an embalming career. Meg is a feminist, human and animal rights activist, and a grubby mum with a green thumb.

Nilay Eren

You can find Nilay on Instagram @erennilay

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