ART SERIES: Retro Wave Babes

Attractive Stranger is a retro wave inspired brand that infuses 80s synth-wave music. The twist that’s added from Attractive Stranger is intertwining authentic hip hop and the culture it breeds. It’s important to use real women who embrace their natural bodies as retro wave babes due to the genres tendency to favor imagery that’s reflective of women who are thin and blonde. Clearly, that’s not a diverse perspective and something the brand is working to change in the retro wave culture and society at large. What’s so offensive about boobs that don’t sit up and are mocha, chocolate, etc? We need to be more diligent about advocating on behalf of natural bodies as the norm. The retro wave aesthetic and culture has slowly, now steadily, infested popular culture and it is a brand goal to make sure real women are respected in this evolving genre of music, fashion and beauty. Summer is ours!



Zach is an Art Director and contemporary artist out of Los Angeles, CA. He believes the female body is the highest form of fine art and he lends his creative abilities to this ideology. His work often depicts plus sized women in other-worldly scenarios

Nneka Gigi

Nneka Gigi is a Nigerian Multimedia Visual Artist out of Los Angeles, CA. Her work utilizes themes such as 90s Nostalgia with a particular focus on her Nigerian identity, Afrofuturism and Cultural Pride. One of the aims of her work is to reverse negative stigmas and redefine what it means to be a Black Woman and an agent of sustainable change in today’s  systematically oppressive sociopolitical environment.  As a hair sculpturist, painter, and educator, Gigi constantly seeks out ways to impact local and global communities and inspire future generations. She’s currently curating Kwenu; a summer  program for elementary kids of color in South L.A. It launches Summer 2020

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