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Poem by Emily Bourne // photograph by Bobbi Karg

Poem by Emily Bourne // photograph by Bobbi Karg

I want her to find me with his arms around me, draped across my shoulders like a scarf, my grip tight on his bicep /

I want her to find me in his embrace, the air around us positively charged, nobody able to resist the force we emit /

I want her to find me on his tongue, in his speech, in the corners of his mouth, stuck in his teeth / And I want her to tell me how wrong it is.


She would tell me that I can’t keep doing this, that I can’t keep gorging myself on his insides for fun /

She would run her fingers along my skin, her gentle caress driving me crazy in all my favourite ways /

She would feel like a feather in contrast to his rough hands, juxtaposing her soft breaths and low exclamations /

And she would tell me this is how it’s supposed to be.

Emily Bourne

Emily is an artist, writer and activist living in the UK. She writes and creates work for the online Magazine, Risen Zine – usually focusing on the issues of LGBTQI rights, eco-friendly alternatives and ableism, as she is navigating her life as a queer person with a disability in a world that is dying.

For more content from Emily, visit her Instagram @floteren.

Bobbi Karg

Bobbi Karg is more of a conceptual-inspired photographer based out of Willmar, Minnesota who loves to add her own creative twist to her imagery. She hopes to narrate an authentic and personal story through her lens. Her goal is to inspire and encourage others through her work.

The photo series titled, “Body Positivity” was aimed to celebrate and empower real, raw, and unretouched women of different body sizes, color, by accepting their natural beauty.

She does this in hopes to teach people to accept themselves and to stop comparing how they look to other people by changing their mindsets and having a different definition of body positivity than the mainstream media today has.

If you like what you see, check out more of her aspiring work on her social media accounts here:

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