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Poem by Emma Anne // photograph by Selene Casparrini

Poem by Emma Anne // photograph by Selene Casparrini

i never liked winter before I met you in the low lights of the fire, so warm it felt like summer
so never mind the Armageddon, the only thing I see is heaven
when you tell the truth and your eyes light up like blue moons;
and it felt like I tore my Achilles running to you, because I’ve never wanted something more
i promise, forevermore:
in the lavender I see love. In the violet I see forever…
so I send a prayer up every night to St. Valentine,
that we’ll be dancing through the pine groves, somewhere between the North Hemisphere
and the Pacific minutes from my house,
and all our favourite friends will be there, families will laugh and say,
‘those two are some people’
and they’ll do a victory march.

so I’ll hold on to your arm in this minute of calm, for as long as forever
will forever let me
i will shield you from your demons when they look like angels
and you’ll guard me from the feeling that I’m unstable
and we’ll be untouchable, no one could break us,
even when we get lost, we won’t fall for sugar houses,
we won’t talk to wolves in sheep’s clothing at all
and we’ll think like foxes, I’ll catch you if you fall

i can feel it…I can feel it.
nothing as warm as your arms at dawn.
can you feel it? Tell me, can you feel it?
nothing compares to the air at sunset with me.

cloud nine never felt so easy to get to since you s tum b le d intomyfieldofview
and in that moment I knew I’d be dr ow ni ng in your blue
for as long as I want to, good thing that I like you.
all your afterthoughts were f l u t t e r i n g with my eyes

until you let my body be the center of your mind.

i’m sure this feeling could never be explained or proven by science, it’s so mystifying.

and I’m terrified always, if I’m being honest
that I’ll wake up one day in the pine groves
and alone in the world
because one thousand girls all called your name and lured you away…
but you’re smiling
in spite of my nightmare
you say you wouldn’t talk to wolves in sheep’s clothing at all
because we think like foxes and you’ll catch me if I fall.

Emma Anne

Emma Anne is a singer, songwriter, student and poet from Brisbane, Australia. Her writing is inspired by her own life and the characters she encounters in it, but there is always an element of fairytale inspiration, daydreams and romantic exaggeration. Emma always tries to view the world through rose-coloured glasses, especially amidst the chaotic times we are experiencing today, which often shows through in her writing. She is inspired by strong female songwriters such as Taylor Swift, Julia Michaels and Regina Spektor.

Selene Casparrini


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