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Writing by Alyssa Winchester // photograph by Ruby James

Writing by Alyssa Winchester // photograph by Ruby James

There are two cocoons in life, your childhood created by your parents and the wanderer cocoon. Your solitude, dreams, karmas, past and every lesson from your travels. You must lose attachment to the social roles you play.

Not your physical achievements, but the character you possess. Who are you?

Dive DEEP into the world in search of your core…not in a light and easy way but rather in the darkness least expected. Release the calls from others and listen to the inner call within that you recognize, it beckons you. Wandering time isn’t easy nor painless, it tests what you are made of and reveals who you are to yourself, down to your marrow. The cocoon will disintegrate into everything you know about yourself and the world. The butterfly knows this.


Alyssa M. Winchester

Alyssa M. Winchester is a traveling freelance writer, poet, and Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner. She a crochet designer and the founder of Little Bird Crochet Collective and curates handmade goods of all kinds. You can find her writing in Do You Endo, The Edge Magazine, For Women Who Roar, We are HER, Harness Magazine, and NUWLA. She is a Diaphramactic and abdominopelvic endometriosis survivor and very passionate about dismantling the system, veganism, sustainability, advocacy, and social justice. Instagram @littlebirdcrochetcollective

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