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Writing by Alyssa M. Winchester // photograph by Andrea

Writing by Alyssa M. Winchester // photograph by Andrea

From the time I could conceptualize spoken word through the collection of thoughts — I’ve never contemplated my reasoning for conveying my mind’s eye through this effortless movement…it’s merely a natural reaction. the world is tumultuous. incessant reruns and complete unquestionable notions. how? mouths are invariably spewing words with brains that seemingly lack the ability to pause and consider what is drowning out the rest. I sit back quietly and perceive the human race as mindless, computerized shells. I can’t grasp what is deemed to be reality — I can visualize the potential of humanity, but the closer I get, it’s all but an empty wishing well.

Alyssa M. Winchester

Alyssa M. Winchester is a traveling freelance writer, poet, and Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner. She a crochet designer and the founder of Little Bird Crochet Collective and curates handmade goods of all kinds. You can find her writing in Do You Endo, The Edge Magazine, For Women Who Roar, We are HER, Harness Magazine, and NUWLA. She is a Diaphramactic and abdominopelvic endometriosis survivor and very passionate about dismantling the system, veganism, sustainability, advocacy, and social justice. Instagram @littlebirdcrochetcollective

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