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Old Clothes 101: A How-To Guide To Creativity and Care

Writing and artwork by Anna Sorokina


Sew a button! Fix a hem! Reattach a strap! Darn a sock! Mending is an act of self-reliance and creativity. Most clothing items can serve us for years if properly cared for – mending is just a way to show love for things that keep us warm and make us feel good.


Organize a clothing swap with friends, either in person or virtually. Swaps are a great way to feel excited about recycling, because not only are you giving your clothes a second life, but you may potentially find your next favourite outfit.


Head to a local consignment shop or check out online resellers like Poshmark,  Depop and threadUp.


Go local first by asking homeless shelters and mutual aid organizations in your area if they need donations. If not, you can always do a Goodwill drop off! Upcycle

Clothes make great rags, grocery bags, handkerchiefs, and patches! A simple YouTube tutorial can give your old clothes a new life.


If you have explored all other options, recycling would be the last one on the list – some great places to check out are Patagonia, North Face, and H&M. They have in-store recycling programs. Or google what places do in-store recycling in your area.

Anna Sorokina

Anna Sorokina is a New York-based visual artist who works in editorial and book illustration, tackling themes of technology, politics, and DIY ethics. With a background in environmental and political activism, she hopes to use her work as a tool for change by highlighting issues she believes need illumination. You can checkout her website here and follow her on Instagram @annasorokinaart

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