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We have always shared everything together, since the day we were conceived.

We grew up in the countryside playing outdoors together, creating tons of adventures, climbing trees to harvest the fruits and trying to get close to any type of animal, wild or not.

Like all sisters, quarrels have never been lacking, but we have always imagined our adult life together, fantasizing about having a huge house divided in half in which each one has their own privacy one step away from each other. In our childhood we didn’t have many friends because we involuntarily tended to isolate ourselves when we were in a group because our company was enough and for some people this was difficult to understand.

Our love for nature and gentle gestures, analog photography and being sensitive are also part of this. We have always been very attached to memories. One of our favorite things has always been (and still is) to look at old family photos – both for the memories contained in them and for the colors and grain of the film – which has always fascinated us.

As teenagers we approached digital photography which always left us a little dissatisfied and so we decided to experiment with analog photography and after a very short time, it became our only way of shooting. We loved looking for old film cameras to test together, looking for new locations, hoping for results that were close to our vision.

Being together is what often makes us complete because we feel free to be who we really are, without filters of any kind. It is always nice to know that you have someone who will stand up for you in any situation or who will be blunt and honest with you when something is wrong without the need to sweeten the pill.

When we came up with the idea for these photos, we collected our photographic equipment in a large bag and got into the car aimlessly. We drove for some time to find the perfect location and after a while – almost without realizing it – we realized we were very close to one of our favorite places – the prairie before the woods of Monte Carmine – Avigliano.

Basilicata, Italy would be the right place. The day was beautiful and we were completely alone. We accompanied the shots to our favorite music and spent hours lying on the blanket among the yellow flowers.

Alessandra Papagni

Stefania Papagni

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