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The Most Important Women in my Life

Writing by Grace Amos

My Mum, Belinda

My mum inspires me everyday. She is the most authentic person and lives and breathes integrity. She has a set of values that she lives by and holds everyone to those high standards.

She is a fierce supporter of me and all her children. She is a strong woman and doesn’t put up with bad behaviour from anyone.

She has a strong sense of style and fashion and is always there for me for a shopping trip and an honest opinion.

She strives for the highest quality in all that she does, and expects that from me.

She understands the importance of family, more than most people. She is generous and loving.

She is wise and street smart and gets on with whatever is needed , without hesitation or procrastination.

Taylor Swift

How can you go past the first artist you saw live?

I was just 6 years old when her Fearless Tour came to Sydney. At the time I was in complete admiration for her relatable songwriting and that she was a superstar at a very young age. She made me think anything was possible for young women, and she still does.

I loved that she was a versatile musician and influenced me to play every instrument I could get my hands on, particularly my love for both piano and guitar.

Year after year my admiration for her has grown, for her record-breaking music, her ability to make music on her own terms, and for continuing to be a strong role model.

She adores her fans, loves her friends and family and she is unapologetically herself.

My friends

I was lucky enough in my high-school years to have attended an all-girls boarding school in the Southern Highlands of NSW.

These girls became my family for most of my teen years, and I couldn’t have asked for more beautiful friends than these girls! I wish I could tell you some of the stories about life in the boarding house!

If I can give advice to anyone reading this, don’t underestimate the important of your friends in your life to keep you grounded, life you up and give you support, keep your mental health in check, and to fill your days with fun and laughter.

Now I’m out of school, studying music at Uni and living at college. I’m so inspired by the successful women I’m continuing to meet everyday, who have worked so hard to get where they are. These women are demonstrating the importance of self-belief, determination and grit.

The women in my life are inspiring and leave me with no doubt that issues around gender equality and the amplification of the female voice is in good hands!

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Grace Amos

Evocative of Kacey Musgraves, Grace Amos is an upcoming Australian singer songwriter with some serious talent. She’s just released a stunning cover of Foo Fighters’ classic ‘Everlong’, and her latest original single DECIDE is a poignant exploration of youth, sexuality and growth. Grace is hitting the stage at Valleyways Festival alongside The Rubens and Skeggs in September. 

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