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PREMIERE: Nobody Knows by Loren Kate

Equal parts uplifting and heart breaking, Loren Kate‘s new music video Nobody Knows takes us on a journey of love, guidance and wisdom passed on from mother to daughter in a reminder to live in the moment. Set against a stunning backdrop of vast landscapes, Loren and her daughter share beautiful moments as Loren sings her wishes and wisdom to her with the message that we never know what’s to come.

Loren’s daughter’s strength, power and determination can be felt as she holds the audience captive with her powerful performance. Her youthful zest can be felt as she gives us the feeling she is ready to conquer the world. Seeing her come into her own with her mother’s words to guide her was an especially wonderful moment.

A beautiful added element to this poignant mother daughter clip is the hand made dresses, made by Loren herself. They add the perfect touch to the already touching sentiment and it conjures such lovely imagery of Loren creating these outfits for her and her daughter.

This captivating new song releases today alongside a beautiful new music video, directed and produced by Actor and Illustrator, Caitlin McDougall. Filmed and edited by Cinematographer, Benjamin Dowie and features Loren and her daughter in a spellbinding and deeply poetic reflection of the mother-daughter relationship. “It was such a powerful clip to make, to sing these words looking straight into my daughter’s eyes was so poignant and beautiful. It was beautiful to see Caitlin’s vision come to life in such a rich, evocative way. The whole team were such a dream to work with, though it didn’t feel like we were working at all, it was more like we were sharing a deeply intimate moment and it was caught on camera!”

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