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Poem by Elyssia

I’m like specs of

Black and white

You stain me with streaks

Different shades of grey

I am your personal bottle of

An ego boost kept fresh in the cooler

Commodify me

Make me a product that is consumable for your palette

A temporary sweetness

With a bitter twist

You knew this wouldn’t end well

As you drank



Placed me on display next to the

Other empty bottles

Decluttering the over thoughts of you

Residue tells me otherwise as the memory

Of you is in the circle ring on the wooden dining table

How do I fill my glass again?

The candle you gave me resides in my entry way

I am greeted by your scent each day

Your inadequacy to be truthful leaves you trapped

I am poured down your throat one last time

You seem dissatisfied at the empty bottle

Elyssia Koulouris

Elyssia Koulouris is an Australian actress and writer based in Los Angeles, California. She has worked extensively in theatre and film in both Australia and abroad for many years. Elyssia holds both an Arts and Masters Degree from the University of Melbourne and her work has been featured in various publications such as Farrago, Above Water and Judy’s Punch. Her essay, ‘Tara Moss’ was also featured in the HER Place museum in the Melbourne CBD. Last year, she published her first collection of poetry titled ‘The Effects of Dry Chamomile’ illustrated by Sam Paverd and plans to release her second collection at the end of 2022.

Joy Gómez Kolber

Joy Gómez Kolber was born in Santa Rosa, a small city in La Pampa, Argentina but now she’s based in Buenos Aires. She’s a freelance illustrator (and this is what she loves the most). She’s in love with music, rainy days, coffee, pizza, aliens, and inspiring humans. Follow Joy on Facebook and Instagram.

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