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BOOK REVIEW: A Real Piece of Work by Erin Riley

Review by Lana McLean

Prepare to be captivated and deeply moved by Erin Riley’s extraordinary memoir in essays, A Real Piece of Work. This remarkable book explores vulnerability and its profound impact on our lives when we have the courage to challenge & embrace it.

Riley’s poignant storytelling takes readers on an introspective journey, one that examines the intricacies of our human experiences. As I delved into the essays, I found myself engrossed in their raw honesty and relatability. The author fearlessly bares their soul, revealing their own struggles and triumphs, inviting us to reflect on our own lives in the process.

What truly struck me was the emotional resonance of this book. On numerous occasions, I found myself discussing the essays with my Psychologist, as the author courageously confronts fears and vulnerabilities, some of which I also share. Riley’s ability to delve into these intricate layers with sensitivity and compassion is a testament to their writing prowess.

The book also explores the complexities of relationships, particularly the intricate dynamics between mother and child. As the author unravels their own experiences, they shed light on the universal struggle for connection, acceptance, and healing. The way they intertwine their personal journey with broader themes is nothing short of masterful.

 A Real Piece of Work is a captivating and thought-provoking memoir that digs deep into the essence of vulnerability. Erin Riley’s powerful storytelling will challenge your perceptions, ignite introspection, and ultimately leave you with a profound appreciation for the strength vulnerability can bring.

Oh and I obviously found myself immediately Googling Nicole Kidman’s strange clapping at the 2017 Oscars. Thank you for that core memory!

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