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Our brand new music contributor Ruby Jones introduces her first monthly playlist: VALENTINES DAY

Writing by Ruby Jones // Artwork by Joy Gómez Kolber

Growing up I was always cynical of Valentines Day, I found it to be exclusionary and over commercialised. But this year I’ve decided to reclaim it because l – o- v – e is amazing and most importantly love is for everyone. Whether that be romantic love, family love, the love between friends or self love – which is, in the wise words of Whitney Houston: the greatest love of all. These love song dedications go out to you this year, and remember “every day’s the fourteenth”.

Love Ruby


[spotifyplaybutton play=”spotify:user:tl15dxomxqxpsfzpu2edyzo4k:playlist:4gx79YjhTbMVnouExADVU8″/]

Ruby Jones

Ruby Jones is a feminist, musician and writer from Melbourne. She has toured the world as a vocalist and as a result probably owns a souvenir coffee mug from your hometown. When she’s not making mixtapes she can be found singing and playing tambourine in her band, volunteering at Girls Rock Melbourne or re-watching Twin Peaks. Find her over at @rubyjonesband. [Photo credit Lilli Waters]

Joy Gómez Kolber

Joy Gómez Kolber was born in Santa Rosa, a small city in La Pampa, Argentina but now she’s based in Buenos Aires. She’s a freelance illustrator (and this is what she loves the most). She’s in love with music, rainy days, coffee, pizza, aliens, and inspiring humans. Follow Joy on Facebook and Instagram.

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