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Writing by Kara Zosha // photograph by Gayatri Malhotra

On May 2nd, 2022, a leaked draft from the Supreme Court that could potentially overturn Roe v. Wade was revealed and shocked our nation. For those unfamiliar with this case, it resulted in the legalization of abortion throughout the United States in 1973 and continues to protect the same reproductive rights. Almost 50 years later, in 2022 the supreme court is speculated to overturn the decision and leave abortion laws up to individual state discretion.

This is terrifying for anyone with a uterus because according to Mccann & Johnston, 2022, it is projected that if this overruling goes through up to 32 of the 50 states could put some type of ban on abortions. Abortion is a sensitive topic for many, rightfully so, but there is no sensible reason why people are still fighting for bodily autonomy in the year 2022. Overturning Roe would erase generations of progress and the bans that would be put in place will not stop abortions from happening, it will just create more dangerous ones. Abortions are healthcare and that is a fundamental right we should all have.

According to the draft, it is said: “The constitution makes no reference to abortion … (and) any such right must be ‘deeply rooted in this Nation’s history and tradition.’” With our history being engrossed with oppression, racism, and misogyny I must ask; why should we make decisions rooted in our history and tradition, and if this overruling were to go through, what and who else might it affect?

So, what can we do?

Currently, abortions are legally protected all across the United States except for the state of Oklahoma. According to Nash et al., 2022 “as of May 25 …Oklahoma’s governor signed into law a total ban on abortion starting at fertilization”.  It is imperative we share current information about what is going on with others to keep others safe and updated on the situation.

Donating to organizations like Planned Parenthood, Center for Reproductive Rights, and Guttmacher Institute. Planned Parenthood is a nonprofit healthcare provider. They’re an educator, advocate, and important resource for public health and reproductive rights. The Center for Reproductive Rights is a global human rights organization that advocates for reproductive rights being protected by the law throughout the world. Lastly, Guttmacher Institute is a wonderful source of accurate information on sexual and reproductive health rights. This includes worldwide policies and up-to-date research about what’s currently happening in the U.S.

There is still a lot we can do with protesting and volunteering in our local communities. Multiple protests have happened since the draft was leaked, but it is encouraged to continue making our voices heard. Volunteering helps show support and give back to organizations that are helping fight for reproductive rights. Such as Planned Parenthood who allows people to volunteer both nationally and locally. The draft that was leaked was just that, a draft. There is still time that this projected ruling will change, especially if we make our voices heard!

Kara Zosha

Kara (they/them) is currently the music editor for Ramona Magazine based in Delaware, USA. Creativity and self-expression are at the core of Kara’s life. They could talk your ear off about basically anything including a book they’ve recently finished or the latest artist they’ve been listening to. Kara is hard to quantify, but they are a person you won’t forget!

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