FEATURE: Melbourne electro-pop trio Huntly and their danceable, relatable and dynamic debut album, Low Grade Buzz

Writing by Molly Mckew // We were lucky enough to chat to Elspeth Scrine of Melbourne trio Huntly about music, lyrics, politics, and their rich and layered record ‘Low Grade Buzz.’ Their debut album brings all the feelings and all the sounds, and right now it feels like we will never get sick of it. Huntly’s manifesto is ‘doof you can cry to’, and dance and cry we will.

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Q&A: We chat to brand new electro-pop duo Leopard Lake

Interview by Molly McKew // The two members of atmospheric electro-pop band Leopard Lake have known each other since they were 16, but only recently have they combined their talents to release their first, self-titled EP. Molly had a chat to Storm about her move from punk and how the Spice Girls changed her life.

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