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Poem by Anne Six // Artwork by Clair Wainwright

Poem by Anne Six // Artwork by Clair Wainwright


You crafted me to be curio, tainted by your torment,

my body transformed into your personal playground,

like a candle, you lit me up and revelled in my suffering.


I slept on sticky sheets, drenched in the sugar that dripped off your lips,

showering me in sweetness and false emotion,

separating my limbs as I sliced holes in my breath.


Your voice was a razor that grazed my skin, disguised as wool,

claiming to comfort and lavish me with warmth,

instead creating barcodes of pain, to be identified as yours.


I allied you with bottles, pretty and appealing, seemingly harmless,

with intent to excite and foment, my discretion askew,

sipping on your liquid until tempting became toxic.


You trapped me in rigour, whispering scolding words in harsh tones,

branding my thighs with purple and blue,

my insides with smoke and nicotine.


I mistook your test of docility as an expression of care,

your grip on my hips as an attempt to shelter and secure,

the marks you left on my throat as a poem assigned as mine.

Anne Six

Anne is an 18-year-old student from Melbourne, Australia. She is currently studying an arts degree, and hopes to continue down the path of gender studies and sexology. Her first poetry collection is scheduled for publishing in 2017, and centres around gender relations and sexuality. Through her writing, she hopes to promote self-love and expression, and encourage others to disregard the social constraints of the patriarchal system. In her free time, she enjoys playing with her puppy, or shopping to expand her already overflowing make-up collection. Follow her on instagram: @anne.six

Clair Wainwright

Clair Wainwright is a virgo baby that loves copious amounts of gelato, sparkles and baths. Whilst listening to old classics she would rather stay inside in front of a fire until the sun blesses her with its warmth so she can be amongst nature again, one of the purest joys in life. Clair is also avid in painting the town in all kinds of colour via a space to thrive exploring fashion, art, music and writing. A special thank you to Wayne’s World and Patti Smiths ‘Just Kids’ for always being there for her. Keep up with Clair on her website, Instagram @electricvibesblog and @electricvibesTumblr, and Pinterest.

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