What U Wearing?

Poem by Alex Creece // Photograph by Olivia Dileo

do you want me to tell you
that my face is masked in an adulthood I can’t scrape away
that I have an eternal weariness
worn as my mother’s quiet but unshakeable resolve
flaws that are unhidden, buttoned unevenly beneath a vest
while my elbows freeze from being seen
with #nomakeup, but not in the glamorous way
insecurities pleated to half their size
which crinkle and wrinkle when I don’t iron them neatly away
and zips that burst like sausage casings
in an eruption of dull, dull innards
or shall I just say I’m wearing trackpants that look like windows ’98?



Olivia Dileo

Olivia Dileo is 17 and lives near Rome, Italy. She recently started to be fascinated by photography; she loves the fact that sentiments are stuck inside photographs. Check out her work here.

Alex Creece

Alex Creece is an abstract concept in thigh-high socks. She is a necessary evil. Don’t bother looking for the body, but feel free to look for more of her work here.

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