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Poem by Julia Banks // Photograph by Paolo Barretta

Poem by Julia Banks // Photograph by Paolo Barretta

push and pull

like the sea and the shore

give but no take

always one wanting more

the ocean grabs tirelessly at

the sand unrelenting

the steadfast lover never



but the moon waxes and wanes

strengthens then sways

and it tells the shore to want more

as it speaks to the sea to leave her be


for as the phases of the moon

came and went

as it swelled and shrunk

bloomed then bent

we spoke like the shore and danced like the beach

always out of each other’s reach


we were as tireless as the tide and perpetual as the moon

we were cyclical and pitiful we were achingly in tune


to cease our routine we took the sky and the sea

we stole the sand and the stars

we created an expanse as big as the world itself to stay apart


we put oceans between our drumming chests

we used the moving tides to give our hearts rest

and the phases of the moon still pull the ocean with its trust

but its light no longer moves us

Julia Banks

Julia is a twenty-something writer and facilitator of empowerment workshops for young women. Passionate about feminism, health education, and cats, she spends her time writing about the first two and overfeeding the third.


Paolo Barretta

Paolo Barretta is a 23 year old Italian photographer based in Bologna. He grew up close to the sea trying to understand who he was until it became a relevant part of him. That’s why ‘I am Winter’ is his pseudonym: because of the coldness he used to feel on the skin looking at it for covering the thoughts. He’s the kind of person who’s looking for a way and it doesn’t matter where it could take him, because the only reason he cares is about the gradient. Follow Paolo on Instagram @iamwinter

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