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Poem by Lily // Photograph by Alina Autumn

Poem by Lily // Photograph by Alina Autumn

I’m back,

I’m here again at this place,

the one I know so well.


I’ve offended ones I love,

and with my fumbling but clear words,

I’ve hurt ones I barely even know.


How do begin to forgive myself?


But I’ve also climbed,

peaks not known to man,

and talked even to God himself.


But when I come back down from heaven,

the only angels left,

are the ones that call me sane.


The ones who protected me,

with a love so strong,

that even God’s grace has now lessened


At first I struggle with disappointment,

but love soon reminds me it’s fort the better.


But that is only until the next time,

the next that I want to fly, to soar,

until the next time I want to be caught,

and reminded that i can be loved,


right here on Earth.

Alina Autumn

Alina Autumn is a 23-year-old photographer from Russia. Follow her photography on her Instagram and Flickr.


Lily is a 19 year old from Melbourne with a love of life and cream cheese icing.

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