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Poem by Silvi Joseph // Photograph by Nassereddine Anjar

Poem by Silvi Joseph // Photograph by Nassereddine Anjar

Hey there, it’s me!

There’s this girl I know

who’s just exactly like me.

She has the same eyes

and she’s a BROWN GIRL too.

But she’s not me.

She talks like me

walks like me,

cries like me.

But she’s not me…


So. I like to wear my neckline high and jeans long,

because society doesn’t approve of shorts!

But the girl I know who’s the same size as mine,

she wears patterned shorts and crop tops.

And frowns at my style,

dressing for disguise.

But I wonder how?


Well I have my hair grown now

because men like it straight and long!

But this girl who looks just like me,

has a pixie haircut. Wow.

And it looks so cool.

‘but who would marry a tom boy’

I wonder how?


Well I want a high earning husband,

because I am a woman and there’s no need to have a career!

At the end being a MOTHER is a job too.

But there’s this girl I know,

who smiles exactly like me

plans to become an entrepreneur,

‘do female entrepreneur’s succeed?’

I wonder how?


And you know what?

After I get married I’ll take my dear husband’s name,

that would give him pride!

But there’s this girl I know

who is the same height as I am,

who has happily taken both of her parents names.

And I wonder how?


Sometimes, I so want to be this girl I know,

because her spirit soars free

But no.

Society doesn’t approve. So…


Silvi Joseph

Silvi is from Mumbai, India and she is working hard at being a good human! She loves reading and music soothes her. Infinite in every direction and dares to be brave! You can find her on social media at @silvi_joseph

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