MFOY: You’re Different. Dress Different.

Writing and photographs by Rachel Michetti

I am Rachel, the creator of My Face On You, an online T-shirt boutique that consists of portraits of myself, taken by myself and printed on T-shirts: it’s the millennial way my friends! And in case you were wondering, yes, I wear my own T-shirts!

Here is how my brand happened: I was having one of those creative surges one night, alone in my living room, too late to call anyone to collaborate with and so I started shooting myself.

I had been told to “smile more’’ at my job that day and I thought: “Why!?” and “Who the hell are you!?” and mostly “Why do women need to smile more!?” while men are never told that. How, exactly, is that even a thing!?

As I developed the concept, I wanted to show that we all have such different facets of our personality. These will manifest at different times during our life. We don’t need to be anything or act any certain way just to please those around us. No. You feel however you feel, and you express yourself however you want, to whoever you want! As long as you aren’t hurting anyone, why do we need to act a certain way to make others feel comfortable?

Furthermore, I love fashion statements. I like a big, grungy tee and so my T-shirts were created. Huge images, black / white / grey, wearable with everything and anything: the glam rock way, the grunge way, the hipster way, the skater way and every other ways.

My concept came from not wanting to follow or lead. I’ve always been a black sheep who flies solo and I wanted to create art for others who feel the same way. I like bold. I embrace my guilty pleasures and ignore what others think. I know and I hope You know that your differences are your strengths.

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