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Poem and Photograph by Claire Wastell

Poem and Photograph by Claire Wastell

I am suffocated by the humid heat

The sounds of the street, of people, of life

That create a frantic symphony of noise

It seems I am becoming addicted to,

Enchanted and simultaneously repulsed

By the mess of it all

Yet you seem calm with this world of disruption

How can you breathe amongst it all?

I am lost in a city I can only describe as beautiful chaos

Ancient ruins such in the middle of a round about

Surrounded by foggy air and hungry bellies

Still I see you smile and sweep the disgust under the bed

Satisfied in a life where simply living is enough

I walk among this foreign land and only observe

What I am trying to understand

The sun burns and I am dizzy from the intensity

I will let this wash over me and enjoy the view.

Claire Wastell

Claire is 18 years old and is from Melbourne, Australia.  Her favourite colour is the blue of the ocean, she loves the smell of hot chips in winter, and she tells all her friends they are amazing no matter what.

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