Q&A: We catch up with captivating folk-songstress Emma Anglesey

Interview by Molly McKew // Tasmanian born Emma Anglesey has spent the last year touring with iconic folk-country band the Waifs, and performing at festivals such at Woodford Folk Festival, MONA FOMA and Party in the Paddock. She has just released her latest single ‘It Swells My Heart’, a hypnotic and subtly addictive track from her new album Some Things Can’t Be Undone. We just loved the track and were excited to chat to the word-spinner and songstress about writing the album, her first ever song, and Boy George’s cookbook. 

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Q&A: We get the low-down on Perch Creek’s new single/criminal heist, ‘Gold Shop’

Interview by Molly McKew // Melbourne based mostly-family band Perch Creek have just released their vibin new single ‘Gold Shop’, a very funky single about a gold shop heist in Dubai (obviously). We chat to them about their beginnings as wee kids singing with their father on stage, their upcoming Australian tour, and how on earth five people manage to write songs together (hint – it takes a really long time).

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