Coming Home To Yourself

Poetry by Maja Puselijic

Maja has always written lyrics of substance, humour, and the unexpected.

Following the success of her last single “Woman I’ve Become” in July 2018, Maja started to incorporate the spoken word into her performances, captivating audiences with her personal insights of relatable experience for this generation.

The resulting book, “Coming Home to Yourself” to be launched on June 13th, shows her love of language, her wit and honesty, in a refreshing modern style that connects so strongly with her fans.

“Coming Home to Yourself” tells of her own, sometimes raw, experience and draws from old influences such as Sylvia Plath, and new influences such as Instagram illustrator and writer Mari Andrew.

The accompanying whimsical child-like water-coloured illustrations take you back to simpler times, often contradicting the harder edge of the text and jolting the reader.

As she navigates adulthood and her new life in Melbourne, Maja explores her relationships with her family, with men, with the city but most importantly with herself.

“We are so focused on what we don’t have that we don’t stop and look around at what we do and if we aren’t being busy then what purpose do we serve?”,  Maja states.

Questioning society, her individuality and her place in the world, Coming Home to Yourself is incredibly relatable and will instantly earn a place in your heart.

For more information, head to Maja’s website.


Maja Puseljic

Sharing her story with the Melbourne music scene, Serbian-born songstress Maja is gaining quite a reputation for her eccentric character and refreshingly honest performances. Maja is shaking up the music scene with her commanding stage presence, thought provoking questions and spoken word poetry where she opens a few veins and shares intimate parts of herself. 2019 will see Maja touring Europe, releasing a book of poetry and an upcoming single that reflects on the themes of her book – “Coming Home to Yourself.”

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