Sonder Exhibition X Ramona Magazine

Interviews with Sonder Exhibition organizers and artists by Sophie Pellegrini // With this exhibition, one of our goals is to give young artists, like ourselves, a platform to show their work. In the art world today, there is a great amount of ageism, limiting the amount of opportunities that young artists have to show their work, and tell their story. Through this exhibition, we hope to show people that artistry has no age range.

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In Conversation With Madeline Stuart

Interview of Madeline Stuart by Carly Findlay // The media recently called her “the world’s most famous and only professional adult model with Down Syndrome”. Madeline has recently been the face of Glossgirl Cosmetics, named 2015 Model of the Year at the Melange fashion show in San Francisco, has appeared on dozens of TV shows worldwide, and is in demand from countless designers and fashion shows.

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