REVIEW: Dear White People

Writing by Sunny Adcock // Illustration by Ayelen Lujan // The tagline on the promotional posters for ‘Dear White People’ read “bet you think this show is about you” and indeed, I am sure that many white audiences will watch the series and feel enraged. Rightly so? No. As someone who doesn’t at all believe in the idea of ‘reverse racism’ I find it hard to find sympathy for viewers who denied themselves the opportunity to enjoy a satirical and educational piece on race and instead decided to make it all about themselves.

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REVIEW: Girlboss

Review by Maria Dunne // Is this really what a #GIRLBOSS is? This show had the potential to be interesting; it follows the show’s protagonist, the arrogant, selfish Sophia (Britt Robertson), on her quest to become the ultimate #GIRLBOSS by creating a commercial empire in vintage apparel.

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REVIEW: Twin Peaks

Review by Eliza Quinn // Like so many others, I was eagerly awaiting the return of Twin Peaks. I was ready for those beautiful Douglas Firs, that tumbling waterfall and of course, those damn fine cups of coffee. But now, having watched the first four episodes, there’s a nagging feeling in the back of my mind.

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