I Am Not My Scars

Writing by Pepsi Cocaine // Photograph of Pepsi by Álex Pérez // CW: self harm, scars, mental health and sexual abuse // Very few people talk about mental illness, and when you can see it on someone’s skin, they don’t know what to do or say. Some people get angry, some people completely ignore it but occasionally glimpse at them when they think I’m not looking.

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FAIRTRADE FEMMES: Lonely Lingerie Review

Writing by Freya Bennett // Growing up and seeing ads in Dolly or Girlfriend for the cute bra and knickers sets I was meant to get just made me feel depressed and like my body was wrong. It’s taken this long, but at 31, I feel part of a club. Or even more accurately, part of a movement where no one is excluded. Go check out Lonely Lingerie. You won’t be disappointed.

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