MEET: Ishita

Interview of Ishita by Amanda Attanayake // The majority of the women in my country are expected to leave jobs and work at home after getting married, and are often disrespected because their work seems to not add to the income. If women were paid for the care work and domestic labour that they do, they would make 39% of India’s GDP.

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MEET: Audrey

Interview of Audrey Lee by Richa Gupta // Prior to my sophomore year of high school when I was diagnosed as bipolar II, I had been diagnosed with anxiety and depression. I grew up always thinking “there’s something wrong with me” and feeling at fault about my mental illnesses – but it’s not my fault.

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MEET: Astrid

Interview of Astrid Hickey by Freya Bennett // I think girls have the power to change a lot in this world, if we seize opportunities. I’m grateful for the life I have today, and how many of the opportunities and rights I have today are a result of the determination and courage of many different women throughout history.

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